Take 7 minutes to learn one simple change that turns a weak slice into a powerful draw


When the club shaft is in a vertical position like in the picture above on the right...

you're chopping down on the ball. 

You'll slice it or pull it. 

If your divot is always going left of target, that's you on the right.

And you're not alone. 

Not by a long shot. 

95% of players have this problem and the higher your handicap, the worse it is.

It's the #1 problem holding you back. 

And working on anything else is a waste of time. 

Swinging on plane with a square club face is the engine of your swing. 

But with all the conflicting and distracting information online...

it's easy to get side-tracked with things that don't matter. 

The worst part?

Over the top really isn't THAT hard to fix with the right approach. 

But over 11 years owning 5 Golftec learning centers in Phoenix and Tucson...

I speak from experience when I say this...

The VAST majority of coaches don't teach this...

even though it's stunningly simple and it works. 

You can learn it in 7 minutes.

And when you take it straight to the range or course...

AND see the immediate results...

You'll be shocked that nobody ever showed you this. 

I'm Craig Jones

Hi, I'm Craig Jones

I’ve spent the last 20 years studying the swing...
Taking my own game from a 15 to a 1 handicap...
Documenting the process...
And helping thousands of players around the world use Face First Golf to transform their game.
And I can help you master your game.


How far removed from your world is someone who either teaches tour pros, or was actually a tour pro himself?

Most online programs say they can help whether you're trying to break 100 or 70.

Does that even make sense?

Are we really supposed to believe that we should be working on the same thing pros work on?

Is there anything online that specifically addresses our problems?

And by us, I mean higher handicap players.

That's why I started Face First Golf.

When I was in my twenties, I was a 15 handicap slicer.

And I tried EVERYTHING to improve because I fell in love with the game when I was a bus driver in Colorado (that's a story for another time).

And my dream was to get good enough to be a club pro.

So I read everything, took lessons, and practiced...A LOT.

And I got zero results until I discovered this one thing.

Once I learned this one secret that none of the "gurus" teach...

I went from a 15 to a 6 handicap, passed my PGA playing ability test, and got my club pro job.

Eventually, I was able to... 

  • get down to a 1 handicap
  • get hired as a Golftec coach
  • teach 10,000 lessons
  • end up owning 5 Golftec learning centers

So this secret didn't just change my game, it altered the course of my life.

That's why I started Face First Golf.

I had to share it with you so you can transform your game.

Maybe it will even change your whole life like it did for me.

If you take 7 minutes to watch these 2 lessons...

AND make this one simple change...

Your ball striking will be transformed.

The real secret is that there's a specific order to fixing your swing for higher handicap players.

If you fix things out of order, you're dead in the water.

Fix them in the right order, it's like magic.

By the way, if you're not a higher handicap player, what I teach isn't for you.

I know who I serve and I don't pretend like the things I teach are right for every kind of player. They're not.

I'm here for players who are like I used to be - frustrated and confused.

Embarrassed by your game? I've been there.

The first time I tried to pass my playing ability test to get my club pro job, I shot 91.

The next time, I didn't do much better.

But then this one secret changed everything.

And the secret isn't really even a secret.

It's just information that you don't have... YET.

What other players say


Had a couple of drives over 250 (measured by my gps watch and not estimating) where before I signed up I was hitting 200-210.

Greg Smith - Quincy, MA


My round in march I shot a 113 and that was with 2 mulligans. I played with 4 coworkers Wednesday in the blistering sun and shot a legit, no mulligan, play it as it lies, 92. Anyway, just wanted to thank Craig for the videos and insight as I feel it’s helped me tremendously.

Robby Hale - Huntington, WV


The videos have helped me to hit the ball solid more often and farther than before I started, basically added ten yards with all the clubs, amazing. I am now shooting consistent 90-92 on 18 where I was 98-102 when I started the videos.

Bill Pappas - The Villages, FL

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