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Face First Golf Elite member, Don Crouse, fixed his 
weak over the top swing and chicken wing WITHOUT...
paying $100-$200/hr for lessons
and WITHOUT...
wasting time beating balls at the range. 
The results?
20 MPH added club head speed and 40 yard increase in driving distance.
You can do it too
(no fancy simulator setup needed)

44 Days


Easy to follow plan
Fast results

14 Day


Easy to follow plan
Fast results


Hi, I'm Craig Jones

(coming to you from sunny southern Arizona) 🌵☀️

I'm a big fan of Golftec

That's why I jumped at the chance to be the first Golftec franchise owner way back when there were only 13 locations.

I opened my first Golftec Learning Center in Scottsdale in 2003

Eventually I'd open 5 locations in Phoenix and Tucson.
But back in 2012, the Arizona sun wasn’t just warming my face.
It lit a fire under me with a big realization, as I taught one on one lessons and trained the 15+ coaches who worked for me.
What did I see? Well, most golfers stuck in the 12+ handicap zone all had the exact same problems:

  • Open club faces leading to weak shots
  • Over-the-top swings causing pulls and slices
  • And weak, power-killing chicken wings

12+ handicap players all have the same problems: Open club faces, Over-the-top swings, and weak chicken wings

That's when it dawned on me like a desert sunrise 🙂 🏜

Conquering these problems didn't require thousands of dollars worth of lessons.
Solving it could be simpler, less expensive, and more convenient.
So I made the decision to sell my Golftec Learning Centers.

I sold my last one in 2014. 
And as I was exiting Golftec I remember a chat I had with John, one of my top coaches. 
He'd embraced my teaching methods for fixing those 3 common issues for 12+ players and was getting great results for the players he coached.
"What's next after Golftec?" he asked.
I'll never forget telling him that I was going to teach those same lessons online to 12+ players all over the world. 

And that was the start of Face First Golf

I had a dream: world-class golf coaching for 12+ handicap players.
So, I launched Face First Golf as an easy-to-follow online program.
It was a hit – over 20,000 golfers improved their game!
But here's the thing: no matter how clear I made the program, some players still got stuck.
Members would send me their swings, and it was clear they weren't doing what I taught.
Emails would come in from members quoting something I taught in my lessons, but they'd misquote me – sometimes even saying the exact opposite of what I taught in the lessons!

That's when I realized: most players need more than just videos.
Human nature loves to complicate things.
DIY online programs, no matter how good, can't always overcome that.

There's no such thing as a DIY online program that's good enough to overcome human nature.

We humans are pretty good at tripping ourselves up

We lose focus, get distracted, or obsess over tiny details.
It's one of the reasons Golftec is the worldwide leader. 
There's ONE THING they do that (in my opinion) accounts for ALL of their success. 
It's not the high tech bays. 
That's just wow factor stuff. 
What makes them the leader is what they drill into every new coach's head: schedule ALL the lessons upfront.
The minute a client buys a lesson package of 10 or 25 lessons...
the coaches are taught to book out all the lessons weekly on the spot.
Think about that for a second. 
That means if you buy a package of 25 lessons, you walk away with weekly lessons scheduled out for 6 months!
And THAT means the structure is in place to follow through.
That's the REAL reason so many players get better at Golftec.  

A golf lesson every single week?

I know. 
It sounds excessive. 
It's pretty standard in the golf lesson business to encourage students to take MONTHLY lessons at the most.
The thinking is that you need time to work on what you learned during the lesson and 3 or 4 weeks gives you time to engrain it.
So when we were taught to push weekly lessons at Golftec, at first I thought what a lot our students thought...
that it was probably just a way to get people to burn through lessons so they'd need to buy more. 

But then I started to see a night and day difference in how fast the weekly lesson takers got better vs the monthly lesson takers

The weekly lesson takers made changes WAY faster than the monthly lesson takers.
The monthly lesson takers were like watching grass grow. 
Was there any change at all?
Sometimes it was hard to tell.
It turns out that "taking a few weeks to work on it" is really just more time to slip back to your old swing.
Plus weekly lessons means hammering in the good stuff three to four times more often. 
I became a HUGE believer in weekly lessons as the key to getting WAY better, WAY faster. 

So the question is...

How do you take the "weekly lessons" concept and apply it to an online program so that online students can get the same great results that Golftec or private lesson takers get?
Is it even possible?

5 years into building my online program...

I would have said no.
Today, I have a completely different perspective. 
Little by little over several years...
Without even being consciously aware of it...
I was pulling from my Golftec days and recreating an online experience to rival it. 
It's different, of course, but members who had been to Golftec kept making comparisons between their experience there and Face First Golf. 

Iain Hutchinson spent 2 years at Golftec

I speak as someone who spent 2 years at our local Golftec facility but I feel my time with FF and the emphasis on training at home has been much more beneficial to my game.


Ronald Kemalyan had taken private lessons and Golftec lessons

I've taken in person golf lessons for years, even from GOLFTEC. I've learned more in the last year from Face First Golf than from all of those in person lessons.

ronald Kemalyan

Mike Jodouin went from 95 to 75 without an "over-priced lesson plan"

I highly recommend FF to anyone who wants to improve their game without an over priced lesson plan. I went from struggling to break 95 to shooting a 75 and consistently in the low 80's!

Mike Jodouin

Bruce Jensen calls Face First Golf the best of both worlds 

I love Golftec because of the instantaneous feedback. My problem with Golftec was that I just couldn't afford it. And then I found Face First. And to me it's the best of both worlds. You're giving me simple techniques and the opportunity to send in my swing and have a video analysis. 

Bruce Jensen

But it's no secret that Golftec lessons are out of reach for a lot of players

For some, it's just too big of an investment.
For other's it's actually physically out of reach because there's not a Golftec location near you.
That's why so many people turn to online programs. 
But we all know those programs come with problems. 
You've probably experienced some of them yourself. 

The problems with online programs

Problem #1
Generic Online Advice
Does a 6 handicap have the same problems as a 16?
Their struggles are miles apart. 
Top players rarely struggle with the main roadblocks for 12+ players... open club faces and over the top swings. 
So why do online programs treat everyone like they're climbing the same mountain?
Simple: it's easier to throw everything in a big lesson library and let you sort through it yourself. But that's a recipe for frustration, not progress.
If your handicap is over 12, you need a laser focus on the 3 biggest swing flaws that plague high-handicappers:

  1. Your open club face
  2. Your over the top swing (also called steep or outside in)
  3. Your chicken wing (lack of release that causes weak, glancing blows)
If you put all your focus into just these 3 things, your ball striking will transform. 
Anything else is just noise. 

If your handicap is over 12, you need a laser focus on the 3 biggest swing flaws that plague high-handicappers:

1. Your open club face
2. Your over the top swing
3. Your weak chicken wing (or lack of release)

Problem #2
They expect you to spend a bunch of time at the range
Who has time for that?
And if you do have time for it, does it even work?
Because in my experience, most players aren't even working on the right thing on the range. 
And even if you do happen to pick the right thing to work on, 10 balls in, you get distracted and start trying to correct ball flight.
Then you end up abandoning what you went out to work on in the first place.
Next thing you know, you've hit 200 balls with 7 different swing thoughts. 
It's not helping. 
Half the time, you're probably doing more harm than good. 
You can get better faster, hitting balls into a net at home. 
Not only can you practice a LOT more often when it doesn't require a trip to the range...
It's way easier to stay focused when you're not distracted by ball flight during your practice. 

Does beating balls at the range even work?

Problem #3
You're on your own
Personally I think this is the worst flaw of the online programs. 
Has this happened to you?
You start a lesson program and things are going well at first.
Then out of nowhere, you lose it.
Now you're stuck because the new stuff isn't working anymore, but you've made a bunch of changes and you don't even know if you CAN go back to your old swing. 
You're "in between" swings and it's a tough spot be.
So what do you do?
Go back to the lesson library to see if you can find a solution on your own?
Start the program over from the beginning?
That's why we meet live every Friday. 
The very first I thing I do is answer all of the questions that were submitted throughout the week. 
Or you can ask me your questions live. 
No more trying to figure out on your own. 

You're "in between" swings and it's a tough spot be.
So what do you do?
Go back to the lesson library to see if you can find a solution on your own?
Start the program over from the beginning?
That's why we meet live every Friday.

Face First Golf Elite: the first program that offers the best of both worlds

It's affordable and gives you one-on-one attention from a coach you can trust with a proven track record of helping players just like you.

It's not just another program...

It's a transformation.
Finally, an online program that DELIVERS.
Picture getting:

  • Live coaching and one-on-one swing breakdowns from a former Golftec owner who knows EXACTLY how to unlock your potential.
  • Laser-focused drills and personalized daily lessons crafted just for you, not some generic algorithm.
  • Courses and daily inspiration that reinforce your learning and keep you motivated, day after day. ‍
  • No more guessing or wondering, just crystal-clear guidance every step of the way.


  • Finally seeing what needs work and understanding your swing flaws like never before.
  • Shaving months or even years off your learning curve "apprenticing" under a master coach who's in your corner every step of the way.
  • Soaring confidence as you conquer challenges, build real skills, and break scoring barriers you never thought possible.

Face First Golf Elite

1. Master Your Swing: ✅ Get personalized video breakdowns of your swing, pinpointing your biggest areas for improvement.

2. Practice with Purpose: ✅ Execute the daily 10-minute guided practice protocol, designed to build skills at home without wasting time at the range.

3. Conquer Challenges: ✅ Tackle month-long, goal-driven challenges to stay motivated and see real results.

4. Live Coaching: ✅ Get expert guidance in live group and individual lessons via Zoom, every Friday, year-round.

5. One Coach, One Voice: ✅ Receive consistent, clear advice from your dedicated coach (me), eliminating confusion and maximizing progress.

6. Structured for Success: ✅ Follow daily lessons crafted specifically for YOU, guaranteeing efficient skill development.

7. Supportive Community: ✅ Join a thriving community of golfers (capped at 1,000) for personalized attention, encouragement, and friendships.

Take the next step

Real Coaching, Real Results...

Remember Don?
I showed you his before and after swing at the very top of the page.
He had a big over the top swing and weak chicken wing.
If your handicap is over 12, you have the same problems. 
It's why you don't have any power or consistency.
It's why when you try to SWING harder, you don't HIT it harder.
Swinging harder just makes you swing over the top and wipe across it more.

But Don used all the Face First Golf tools you'll be using

Personal Swing Analysis...
The 10 minute daily practice protocol...
The 30 Day Effortless Power Challenge...
Live group and individual lessons and Live Lesson Fridays...
He even used the a couple of the 30+ courses you'll have access to like the "Downswing Path Deep Dive" Course and the 6 Step Full Swing Course. 
(Yes. Face First Golf DOES have a "vast lesson library" too. But I'll show you how to use it responsibly 🙂)

And when he put it all to work...

he didn't JUST learn an efficient strike for full energy transfer from club to ball...
He ALSO added 20 MPH in club head speed.
What do you think THAT would do to for your distance if you could...
get rid of that weak, glancing blow...
AND add 20 MPH of club head speed?
Well you don't have to wonder.
Here it is in Don's own words...

Why does Face First Golf work so well for 12+ handicap players?

Working with thousands of 12+ handicap players, I can tell you this...
When you first started playing, you struggled to square up your club face at impact from day one.
Everybody does.
Then quite quickly your swing developed around your struggle to square up your club face.
You started swinging over the top as a compensation for your open club face...
Then your chicken wing developed as a response to swinging over the top. 
Along the way you formed the habit of stopping your hip rotation through impact and "flipping" with the hands as a compensation for your open club face. 

Here's the critical point

If you only take ONE THING from reading this page today, it's this...
Your current swing developed as a series of compensations for your struggles to square your club face at impact.

Your current swing developed as a series of compensations for your struggles to square your club face at impact.

It sounds like a simple concept. And it is.

But it took me a decade of owning my Golftec Learning Centers and teaching over 10,000 lessons to first realize it.
Then it took another decade of teaching Face First Golf online to truly hone and own the method of fixing it.
Since that, I’ve shot thousands of lesson videos and written hundreds of articles explaining why you must fix your club face first as a precursor to tackling all the major issues in your swing.

If what I say is true…

If your swing is truly just a compensation for your open club face…
The logical next question is this…

Is fixing your open club face a cure-all?

If we fix your open club face will all of your swing flaws disappear?
The answer, unfortunately, is no.
Fixing your open club face doesn’t FORCE your swing to self-correct, it ALLOWS your swing to develop.
If you DON’T fix your open club face first, any work you do on your swing will be a lesson in futility.
If you DO fix your open club face first, you’ll get better fast...
starting TODAY!

So while fixing your open club face is NOT a cure-all...

it IS a logical first step so that you can finally fix the problems that plague most 12+ handicap players their whole lives.

What it means is the pieces of your swing have to be fixed in a specific order

You can’t work on downswing path until you’ve fixed your open club face.
And you can’t work on hip rotation and release until you’ve fixed your club face and downswing path.
Now that you're armed with this knowledge, you can stop searching the internet and youtube for that exciting quick fix that gives you a little placebo boost before fading as quickly as it arrived.

Instead, you can build your swing like a house - foundation first.

Then when the storms come in the way of what I call the “internet free tip golf bonanza”, you’ll be able to weather it and shake it off.
You’ll be left standing as the online tipsters sweep all the other golfers away into a churning sea of confusion.

But before we get down to tackling the first major change...

Let’s talk expectations.
Can you expect to see results immediately?

Mileage varies as you’d expect, but if you meet the criteria…

That is, if you’re a 12+ handicap player with an over the top swing, chances are sky high that you’ll see immediate improvement after the very first change we make.

And when you see results right away it’s a great feeling

It’s exciting and it creates momentum that we want to take advantage of.
We’ll use that momentum to stay motivated to learn the rest of the simple step-by-step process of fixing your swing flaws one by one in a prescribed order that makes sense and works.
That’s why so many players have been able to completely transform their game with Face First Golf.
We regularly see players who cut their handicap in HALF or more if they’re willing to stick with it and do a little easy work at home…

Players like Jason Albracht who went from a 30 a 14 handicap

Craig and his program Face First Golf has drastically improved my game. Going from a handicap around 30 to a 14 in a two years has been amazing! I am so close to being in single digits. He has put an incredible amount of hard work into his teachings and continues to help our community out. So glad I invested in it and my golf game!

Jason Albracht

Or like Brian Weber who cut his handicap from 22 to 11

Since I had come across Craig Jones Face First Golf 2 1/2 years ago I went from a 22 handicap to 11 handicap. I started with the strong grip to rectify my slice and continued to follow his tips on putting chipping, etc... It has made the game of golf a lot more enjoyable to play. Face First Golf has been the only source I've used to improve my game in the last 2 1/2 years, because if you follow his instructions, you will see results. Thanks Craig!

Brian Weber

But does it take work?

Anything worth doing takes work.
But marathon ball-beating sessions are not required or even recommended.
You’ll learn why the key to improvement is practicing often for short periods of time at home.
You’ll also learn why removing ball flight from your practice (ie hitting balls into a net) helps you improve faster than range time.
If you can’t setup a net at home, you can still get the benefit of short practice sessions at home hitting foam balls in your yard or garden or even against a wall.

There are actually more ways than you can imagine to practice effectively at home.

And the changes you make at home show up at the course.
Effective at-home practice is a blind spot that most players aren’t taking advantage of even though they would if they knew how.
That's what I'll be showing you...
It’s a big part of why so many players improve so quickly with Face First Golf.
Heck, some players improve so dramatically and so quickly that they make their own Face First Golf t-shirt and send in a picture of them flexing in it.


“Before Face First Golf, I was lucky to break 100.
Now I just shot a new personal best 85.
The guys I play with said they aren’t giving me strokes anymore 🙂

Tim Lambros
Oro Valley, AZ

“Before Face First Golf, I was lucky to break 100.
Now I just shot a new personal best 85.
The guys I play with said they aren’t giving me strokes anymore 🙂

Tim Lambros
Oro Valley, AZ

So what's the investment? 

You could easily expect to spend hundreds a month on this kind of coaching.
As a Golftec coach my 3-month starter package was $1600.
Yeah, ouch. Don't worry. Not even close.
Here's what you get for a fraction of the cost...

Personal swing analysis...

easily send me your swing with a few clicks in the member site (up to 12 times a year) and I'll pop it into my swing analysis software to pinpoint your opportunities for fast results, complete with a live lesson and drills just for YOU. ($1,788 value)

Daily Practice Protocols...

Face First Golf Elite members rave about the daily lessons that come straight to your inbox every morning at 7am, delivering actionable drills for at home practice. ($497 value)

Intensives and Challenges...

Month long, goal-driven challenges to stay motivated and see real results. ($497 value)

Live Lesson Fridays...

live group and individual lessons via Zoom, every Friday, year-round ($1,397 value)

One coach...

Consistent, clear advice across all lessons, challenges, live coaching and swing analyses. (Value... Invaluable - If you've ever been part of one of those programs with 8 different coaches, you know what I mean 🙂)

Private Online Forum...

This is where we meet in between Live Lesson Fridays to ask and answer questions, and share our triumphs and struggles. ($297 value)

Lesson Library...

The challenges, live lessons, and swing feedback are the heart of Face First Golf Elite. But 30+ masterclasses that I've shot over the last 10 years cover every struggle you'll face on the course. Find what you need and fix it! Whatever IT is, it's covered in these 30+ courses with over 400 lessons. ($1,997 value)

On Course Playing Lessons...

Ever wonder what to think on the course? You'll love these 25 playing lessons where I keep the camera rolling while I play the entire hole and explain on-course strategy. See me play and hear my thought process in real time. The members can't get enough! ($497 value)

TOTAL VALUE... $6,970

Or about $580/month - similar to Golftec.
But you won't pay that...
not even close!

Think $77/month

Face First Golf Elite delivers personalized online coaching with the same results (even better in many cases)...
all for about 86% LESS than Golftec!
You get live lessons, swing analysis, and continuous support between sessions, all accessible from the comfort of home.
So why pay more and spend more time for the same outcome?

But don't pay today!

Because I believe in my program...
I'm not asking for blind faith.
Try it for $1...
not for 7 days or 14 days like the others give you.
I'm talking a FULL MONTH for $1. 
I want you to KNOW you made the right decision... 
BEFORE you spend anything
And just for fun, you should swing by Golftec and tell them you want a month of lessons for $1.
Let me know how it goes 🙂.

No catch...

If it doesn't click, simply walk away. No hard feelings.

30 Days for $1? It seems to good to be true.

As a business, don't you have to make money?
I'm in this for the long haul – to earn the opportunity to be your coach for years to come.
It's why I show up LIVE to give you personalized guidance every single week. 
It's why I've made it so easy to send me your swing for live feedback.
It’s why I send out a lesson to you every single day keeping you on track and covering all aspects of the game, methodically.
It's why I've curated easy-to-access on demand courses in the member site that cover every aspect of the game.
Being your coach means laying out the road map, reminding you of the steps and keeping you inspired.
That’s what a coach IS and DOES.
He sees the big picture and continues to remind, review and inspire.

As your coach, I’m going to sound like a broken record sometimes

You might find yourself saying...

But Craig, you already told me about the grip.
You already told me about Path.
You already told me about release.
You already told me about hip rotation.
You already told me about routine and process vs outcome thinking.
You already told me about aiming my club face BEFORE taking my grip.
You already told me about the shoulder preset move.
You already taught me that short game shot.
You already told me about lag, hitting down, and ball turf contact.

And I'm going to say...

Guess how I know that I need to keep finding new ways to tell you the same things?
Because I know how many times I had to hear the same things to master my own understanding.
I know how many times I’ve learned and then forgotten.
I know that to this day I still need reminders of basics.
I know that when I write daily lessons and shoot new lesson videos those writings and videos serve just as much as a reminder for myself as they do for you.

Hit Shots and Shoot Scores you could only Dream of Before

Learning this game is a lifelong endeavor

I've been teaching it for going on 3 decades.
I STILL learn new things every day or better ways to say old things.
If you learn the right things the right way, you'll hit shots and shoot scores you could only dream of before.
But you'll also learn how rewarding it is to keep learning, and that there is truly never an end to the process of learning.
Face First Golf members have a saying...
I know more than I did yesterday.
When you click here to take the next step...
That's what you'll be able to say every day...
Starting right now.

Face First Golf Members have a saying...
I know more than I did yesterday
That's what you'll be able to say every day

Take the next step

When you go from this...
To this...
You'll be saying things like this...

Posted my best scoring round ever yesterday. Shot an 80. So, after reaching my goal to break 90 (which I was thrilled to do a year ago, I now have a new goal.⛳️🏌️‍♂️

Eric Burt

I love FFG golf - I’ve been working it since 2018 and my game is better than ever. When I started my dream was to hit a 7 iron 130 yards with carry… today I was hitting 150- not bad for 68 years old!
Mike Hartley

Just finished my fourth year with ffg. Dropped my handicap from a 21 to a 10. Happy with that. Had best year ever this year!!
Michael Karcher

Experience World Class Coaching...

On your schedule

For about 1/10th of what you'd pay for private lessons... 

Leverage technology to get better fast for less

Back in the day...

…if you wanted the best golf lessons from a top coach with a proven track record, you'd have to (1) hope you could find someone in your area, (2) work around their schedule, and (3) dish out $150 an hour (at an absolute minimum).

This is changing...

…and if you couldn’t afford $150 lessons, you had to settle for $30-$40 lessons from the young assistant pro... which is ALWAYS a gamble, because when I owned 5 Golftec Learning Centers in Phoenix and Tucson, employing up to 20 coaches at a time, I saw it first hand. It takes a minimum of 2000 lessons taught for a new coach Just to get his "sea legs". 

This is changing...

…and if you wanted lessons from me, my rate was $1600 just to get started with the smallest 3 month lesson plan. 

This has changed...

Forget the $1600 fees. Thanks to modern technology, my breakthrough system comes straight to you for a tiny fraction of the cost. 

  • Live coaching: Weekly group and individual sessions on Zoom - personalized feedback and community support, all from the comfort of home.
  • Swing breakthroughs: Deep dive swing analysis and tailored lessons, unlocking the secrets to your perfect swing.
  • Skill-building on demand: Daily 10-minute drills delivered to your inbox, laser-focused on conquering your over-the-top swing and learning the effortless power release.
  • My proven system: Years of coaching experience distilled into actionable steps, ready to propel you to scoring and ball=striking breakthroughs.

Face First Golf Proven Path

Proven Results Guaranteed

Structured Programs and challenges

Mobile friendly member site

Live lessons every friday via zoom 

Personal swing analysis



Turn your weak slice into a powerful draw

Amaze your golf buddies when they see the new you

Banish the embarrassing slice

Add distance to your drive

Improve accuracy of your approach shots

Experience score-slashing short-game secrets

Face First Golf Elite

Master your swing & build skills at home: Personalized video breakdowns + daily 10-minute drills maximize progress from anywhere.

Conquer challenges & get expert guidance: Month-long goal-driven challenges, live Zoom lessons, & one dedicated coach for consistent, clear advice.

Structured for success & supportive community: Custom-designed lessons & capped community ensure efficient learning & lasting friendships.

Next Step...
Let's see if we're a good fit

Here's a little bit about the membership...

It's capped and I keep it between 700-800 members which is what we're at now.

But spots open up regularly.

I require a meeting via Zoom prior to signing up to make sure we're a good fit.

It ensures neither of us are wasting our time.

I show up for the members and the members show up for themselves.

It's how we accelerate the process and get results like Golftec, while saving you time and money.

So if you're ready to leave limited results behind and step into a world of consistent improvement, deeper understanding, and deeper joy on the course...

Tell me a little bit about your game and I'll send you some info and lessons to get you started.

Then I'll reach out in the next day or so to follow up.

More client feedback

Become a member

And get access to 25+ structured coaching programs

Full Swing Step 1

15 Lessons

Starter Lessons, Grip, Setup, Ball Position, Routine
Full Swing Step 1.5

5 Lessons

Grip and alignment practice, Practice at home habit
Full Swing Step 2

5 Lessons

Knock Kneed, Low and Slow, Tempo and Connection
Full Swing Step 3

11 Lessons

Top of swing, Flat wrist for square club face

Full Swing Step 3.5

5 Lessons
Topped hybrids, Intermediate Target, Pep in your Step
Full Swing Step 4

7 Lessons

Inside Quandrant, Hip Rotation, Develop your Third Eye
Full Swing Step 5
7 Lessons
Water Bottle for Release, Pencil Gate Drill, Timing
Full Swing Step 5.5

3 Lessons

Ball Flight Can be a Distraction, L to L Drill for Body Swing

Full Swing Step 5.5

3 Lessons

Ball Flight Can be a Distraction, L to L Drill for Body Swing

I had two occasions to use the open face chip which Craig has been showing us and they both worked a treat. Craig emphasised the slightly open stance and the direction of the club face, plus the importance of the weight on the left foot, and all this really helped me to execute the shots effectively. Also had the luxury of a birdie on one of the par 3s and played a cracking bunker shot on the 18th.
Graham Harris

I am turning 80 this July and finally understand the value of following pre shot routines…..maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks …started playing at 14 and until I found FFG have never played as well as I do today.… shot my age or better 4 out of the last 16 rounds… thanks FFG

Robert Taylor

Best round ever. Par 72 course played 8 over. 80 even. 13 fairways, 10 greens, 35 putts, 4 pars front and 6 pars on back for 41/39, 80 total. 16 months using FFG. Next goal is break 80 then, shoot my age 77. Thanks for all the helpful videos and lessons..
Fred Osterbeck

Shot my best round ever today off of the white competition tees. 77 Gross feels tremendous on a very difficult Nick Faldo Championship course. FFG principles are at the core of what I do on the course and definitely kickstarted my improvements..
Robert Robinson

Joined FFG again after taking a little time off. Watched the steps last week and worked on grip and takeaway mostly. Played yesterday and hit 12 of 14 fairways. Mostly draws. I was struggling with a slice again after fixing it a few years back. What a difference the grip change and setup made on hitting the ball in the fairway. Shot 84! I’m a 15.4 handicap. Can’t wait to keep working. Thank you again!

Raymond Medina

Hi Craig Jones Played my first round in more than a month today. But have been practicing a bit in the garden - specifically on keeping the backswing shorter and gripping the club in the fingers, not the palm. It's made a big difference - now most of my irons and drives are actually going in the direction I'm aiming them, which is a definite plus 🤣 Shot 86 gross today, 38 Stableford points and won a club competition as a result, beating 17 other players who are mostly playing at least twice a week! Cheers for all the great tips, keep 'em coming please 😁
Simon Leek

Well guys I know it's winter and the holes are a bit shorter here and there, but today I grossed my first ever sub 80 round. I can honestly say that it is all down to FFG. I am absolutely delighted with a gross 79. Driving, irons BLT was all on song.
Bring it on.

John Conway

Played today after practicing on the suggestions I got from Craig’s Swing Analysis and it really helped with my length and balance by keeping my stance a little wider. Now, because I finally have a draw, I need to work on aiming the ball a little to the right. Also need to go back and look at the videos on the short game. Thanks
Bruce Du Montier

Hi folks, enjoyed one of my best ever rounds on one of the toughest tracks in England yesterday. Key swing thoughts at the moment are ALSR and the feel of getting the back of lead hand (logo on glove) at the ball at contact. ALSR is such a powerful move to allow confident release of the club. #singlefiguresin2022!

Ben Hutton