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Hi folks, enjoyed one of my best ever rounds on one of the toughest tracks in England yesterday. Key swing thoughts at the moment are ALSR and the feel of getting the back of lead hand (logo on glove) at the ball at contact. ALSR is such a powerful move to allow confident release of the club. #singlefiguresin2022!

Ben Hutton

One thing this group and Craig Jones does is keeps you motivated. Just thinking where my golf game would be without FFG - I know looking for my ball in the woods on right side of fairway!! Times when you don’t feel like practicing I just watch some lessons and just gets me going. Thanks all and enjoy the FFG ride .

Michael Karcher

Shot my best round ever today off of the white competition tees. 77 Gross feels tremendous on a very difficult Nick Faldo Championship course. FFG principles are at the core of what I do on the course and definitely kickstarted my improvements..
Robert Robinson 

Best round ever. Par 72 course played 8 over. 80 even. 13 fairways, 10 greens, 35 putts, 4 pars front and 6 pars on back for 41/39, 80 total. 16 months using FFG. Next goal is break 80 then, shoot my age 77. Thanks for all the helpful videos and lessons..
Fred Osterbeck


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