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44 Days to Your Best Golf

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14 Day Intensive

Results... FAST! 3 simple swing changes. Reset your mental game. Get the most out of your practice. Double your up and downs.

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Step 2
30 Day Challenge

The time-tested 30 Day Effortless Power Challenge... Master ONE DRILL to learn release, lose that chicken wing, and unlock effortless power.

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12+ Handicap Players:

Rewire Your Brain to do in 44 Days What Most NEVER do…


Face First Golf member, Don Crouse.
That’s his old, weak over the top swing and chicken wing there on the left…
And that’s his new inside downswing and powerful forearm rollover release on the right.
The results?
20 MPH added club head speed and 40 yard increase in driving distance.

To get results like Don…
All you have to do is…

Follow the plan (at home) for 5-10 minutes a day

Start Your Plan NowDaily Practice Prompts and Swing Analysis Included

44 Days


Easy to follow plan
Fast results

14 Day


Easy to follow plan
Fast results


STOP wasting time at the range...
START building skills that last

What Lies Ahead...

is a 44 day transformational journey that collapses what normally takes YEARS into WEEKS.

But let’s backup here first and define the problem.


Your handicap is over 12…

There’s a 95% chance that…

Your over the top swing and chicken wing are absolutely killing your golf game and stealing all of your power.

These 2 things alone render your swing powerless.

And all of the old ways of trying to fix it don't work.

It's NOT You...
It's your SYSTEM

If you’ve struggled with swinging over the top for years or even decades…

The problem ISN’T YOU…
It’s your SYSTEM.

Your OLD system is probably practice at the range... on your own. 

That approach usually turns into hitting 200 balls with 7 different swing thoughts. 

It's literally the opposite of focused skill building.

You couldn't draw up a better plan for utter confusion if you tried. 

What is it that they say about doing the same thing and expecting a different result...?


There's a Better Way

One that gives you...

  1. Superior results
  2. In less time
  3. At HOME
  4. Without exhausting ball beating sessions

But why does it work?

The reason it works is based in science (and common sense). 

Neuroscientists explain it like this...

Neurons that fire together, wire together

The implications are pretty amazing. 

When you practice something... it makes your brain neurons "fire". 

And with daily practice, those brain neurons that "fire together" begin to "wire together". 

It means that your brain actually goes through a PHYSICAL change.

Is that amazing or what?

Daily 5 minute practice sessions actually induce a PHYSICAL change to your brain that puts your swing on auto pilot. 

The Takeaway...

it doesn’t matter how LONG you practice…

What matters is how FREQUENTLY you practice. 

If you beat balls at the range, this is great news!

Those body wrecking, ball-beating marathon practice sessions at the range at the very least aren’t helping you.

They're probably actually hurting your game. 

And if you DON’T beat balls at the range, now you know that you DO NOT have to put off improving your game until you can “get to the range” regularly. 

You can start improving right now…

Summer or winter…

Rain or shine. 

Because anybody can find the time and space to practice at home…

Even if it’s just hitting foam balls in your living room against a sliding glass door.


Face First Golf member Scott Ecenbarger practicing at home indoors


Face First Golf member Xavier Chavez practicing at home indoors

Where do Face First Golf Members Practice?

Anywhere really...

You can practice in your garage, basement, living room, kitchen, backyard or garden…

The only requirement is a desire to conquer the big lifelong swing issues that have held you back from playing your best for too long. 

Daily practice prompts and trackers show you exactly what to work on and give you the accountability you need to break barriers you never thought possible. 

It’s not your fault you haven’t been able to learn the effortless power swing. 

You’ve just been working on it the wrong way because you’ve been given the wrong information

Embrace the simplicity of short, frequent, guided practice sessions at home and watch the door to huge handicap reduction swing wide open!


By the way...

all of those pictures above are members who send in their swings for my feedback.

Personal Swing Analysis is included...

I know. 

You're probably wondering how I can include it free. 

Most programs don't offer personal swing analysis. 

And if they DO offer it, you pay a big premium...

like $50 or even $79/month. 

I'm able to include it free because I've streamlined the process. 

When you send in your swing to most sites (if you can send in your swing at all)...

They point out every little thing and give you WAY too much to think about and work on. 

That whole model is flawed. 

It's not even flawed. 

It's completely broken. 

I know because I tried it. 

And you know what I found out?

IF it takes more than 5 minutes to watch your swing analysis and drills, you won't make the changes and your swing will stay stuck. 


If I point out one thing and show you how to work on it in 5 minutes or less, you'll understand it AND you'll start making big changes. 

So that's how I've streamlined it so I can include it FREE while also ensuring that you stay on point with your swing changes with ZERO confusion or overwhelm.

Live Lesson Fridays...

Every Friday we get together on Zoom.

You can upload your swings, ask questions... or just say hi. 

It's a lot of fun. 

It's usually less than 90 minutes, but I stay as long as there's coaching to be done. 

And the recording goes out same day in most cases, so even if you can't make it live, you can still get a lesson from me. 

Members say attending and/or watching the weekly live sessions is a game changer. 

They say their eye for the swing develops and their understanding of where they are in their improvement journey grows and grows. 

Here's an email from a member named John McIntosh describing how he benefits from the live sessions. 


Live Lesson Fridays

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Record Your Swing

You can record your swing from "down the line"... or from the "front" view... or both

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Upload Your Swing

Just a few clicks and your swing is on it's way for my personal feedback

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Get a Live Lesson

Live professional swing analysis PLUS a personal lesson showing you EXACTLY what to work on

(Late) Introduction

I probably should have introduced myself LONG before now. 

I guess I just assumed that if you're here, you probably know me from my podcast or from "The Steps" (the wildly popular program I created almost 10 years). 

But in case we haven't met..

I'm Craig Jones and I'm just your average American husband and golf dad working on being a better man and trying to raise my family in peace and freedom.

I took my own game from a 15 to a 1 handicap when I was in my twenties and have been building systems to help 12+ players improve their game ever since.

After teaching 10,000 private lessons, then owning 5 Golftec Learning Centers in Phoenix and Tucson, then finally founding Face First Golf in 2014 and helping almost 20,000 players improve their game online, I truly feel like the luckiest man alive to GET to do WHAT I do. 

Now I'm even more grateful to have my son, Jackson (who's a lefty), helping me teach. He started playing tournament golf a few months after he turned 5 and has been the US Kids Phoenix Local Tour season winner countless times, including both the Spring and Summer titles in 2023.

Plus he's a pretty darn good kid and has golf maturity far beyond his years.

He's already a good teacher and you'll love learning from him - especially if you're a lefty.

You'll get to know him in the 14 Day Intensive. 

We appreciate the opportunity to help you with your game!



“Before Face First Golf, I was lucky to break 100.
Now I just shot a new personal best 85.
The guys I play with said they aren’t giving me strokes anymore 🙂

Tim Lambros
Oro Valley, AZ

“Before Face First Golf, I was lucky to break 100.
Now I just shot a new personal best 85.
The guys I play with said they aren’t giving me strokes anymore 🙂

Tim Lambros
Oro Valley, AZ

If You Start Today...

your understanding of the swing will be transformed in just 44 days and you'll be playing a completely different game.

If you don't, you won't.

It's really that simple.

As soon as you signup...

  • I'll send you everything you need to hit the ground running TODAY so you can dive right into unlocking the effortless power that's already inside you.
  • You'll start receiving the daily email lessons that expertly guide you down the proven path at the perfect pace with actionable simple lessons and drills you can do daily at home. (Marathon ball-beating sessions are NOT required or even recommended)
  • You'll immediately receive your login credentials so that you can get logged into the member site
  • You can download the app (iOS and Android available) and get logged in there too
  • Your welcome email will have simple items to complete to begin your transformation today!

Don't miss the next LIVE Broadcast

Send in your swings or questions. I share my screen while analyzing swings and then switch cameras and step out to the net to answer questions and give live lessons.

Live Broadcasts are every Friday morning.

Recordings of the live sessions go out the same day so you don't have to be able to attend live to get a live lesson from me.

Players like you
are already seeing results

Ball contact was exceptional, which in turn increased accuracy and a small distance gain. It's only one round, but it was a promising round!
Michael Woodyard

Massive difference... hitting everything very solidly and practically full power off quarter-to-half swings.
Simon Leek

Your Best Golf is in your grasp

It's all happening right now!

These players are transforming their games.

And you can do it too!

Honest -to- God, this is the real deal! Craig's attitude, good humor, his simple process, ( and even some philosophy thrown in) have really, really helped me dramatically improve my golf game.

For the first time in my life I actually approach the golf ball with confidence instead of dreading the shot

Lee Hickling

Craig gets right to the point and gives you specific actionable tips and techniques to use while also offering easy-to-do drills you can take to the practice range or even your backyard! I enjoy receiving fresh topics each week. Of all the in person lessons I have had in my golfing career, I have found greater value in Face First Golf!

Bob Perkins

Face first golf has two distinct positives. First, Craig explains the concepts clearly and thoroughly, with examples. He gives you drills to practice the concepts.

The seconds positive is the community of FFG. They root for each other and help with questions/thoughts. FFG is worth every penny to me. My golf scores have been consistently 10 strokes better since I joined and began practicing the concepts. Still see improvement ahead.

Brian Johnson

Ready For Transformation?
Let's Do This!


Better golf starts here

Jason Albracht went from a 30 a 14 handicap

Craig and his program Face First Golf has drastically improved my game. Going from a handicap around 30 to a 14 in a two years has been amazing! I am so close to being in single digits. He has put an incredible amount of hard work into his teachings and continues to help our community out. So glad I invested in it and my golf game!

Jason Albracht

Brian Weber cut his handicap from 22 to 11

Since I had come across Craig Jones Face First Golf 2 1/2 years ago I went from a 22 handicap to 11 handicap. I started with the strong grip to rectify my slice and continued to follow his tips on putting chipping, etc... It has made the game of golf a lot more enjoyable to play. Face First Golf has been the only source I've used to improve my game in the last 2 1/2 years, because if you follow his instructions, you will see results. Thanks Craig!

Brian Weber
Let us know and we'll be in touch shortly.