Tired of gimmicks?

Master Your Game, One Step at a Time

It's not JUST that quick fix gimmicks don't help.

It's way worse than that. 

Eventually you try so many things. None of them work for the long term. And it makes you think there's something wrong with you

It makes you think there's some reason YOU can't do it. 

And nothing could be further from the truth.

The reason you don't get anywhere is because you keep trying to take short cuts.

Or you turn back at the first sign that it's not working or that it's going to take time.

You'd never approach learning piano or a martial art that way.

You'd come in fully expecting it to be a process with ups and downs. 

You'd know that the only way to get anywhere is to stay on the path.

It's like if you were climbing a mountain with 10 different paths to the top.

Most players go 1/10th of the way up each path instead of all the way up one of them.

So they never get anywhere.

If you start on a new path to nowhere enough times... eventually you become so jaded that you stop even trying.

There's a better way.

One that works WITHOUT hard work.

And you can forget about sweating it out at the range. 

You'll slap your forehead when I show you why this works and how easy it is.

So grab a time to talk with me.

You can tell me what you're struggling with.

And I'll show you around the member site, show you the daily protocols, how sending in your swing works and all that stuff.

Just a chance to have a fun conversation and get a look under the hood if interested.

Here's my calendar.

If your handicap is over 12 and you struggle with a slice, I’ll show you a weird grip trick that fixes it for free in less than 5 minutes.

It’s not a cure all, but I’ve taught this to more than 20,000 players and it makes a big difference fast.

So just click on the button below and put in your email and get ready to strike it flush and solid next time out.

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